#startracking Tuesday December 29th 7pm

DECEMBER #startracking Betting History

211=329297229212    15 bets   3 winners   7 seconds

PLUS an amazing 47stars!!!

Thurs. 3rd    Iftiraaq               2 star @ 9/4                        2nd SP 2/1

Sat. 5th      Caroles Destrier      4 star @7/1                         1st SP 5/1

Mon. 7th      Jollys Cracked It    3 star e/w @ 14/1            1st= SP 7/1           (#startracking Ante-Post)

Fri. 11th       Fletchers Flyer        1 star @ 7/2                        3rd SP 3/1

Fri. 11th       Onenightinvienna        2 star @ 5/1                  2nd SP 11/2

Fri. 11th       Fingerontheswitch            2 star @ 6/1                9th SP 5/1

Sat. 12th      Champagne West           3 star @ 9/1                    2nd SP 8/1             (#startracking Ante-Post)

Sat. 12th      Johns Spirit                     1 star @ 14/1                 9th SP 12/1           (#startracking Ante-Post)

Sat. 12th      Art Mauresque                1 star @ 10/1                7th SP 12/1           (#startracking Ante-Post)

Tues.15th    Wuff                                   3 star @ 3/1                        2nd SP 5/2F

Thurs. 17th Solomn Grundy      1 star @ 7/1   Non-runner (9/2 @ withdrawl)

Thurs. 17th A Plein Temps                        2 star @ 11/4                      2nd SP 13/8F

Fri. 18th      Thomas Brown                        No Bet Too short.

Tues. 21st    Haymount                                 No Bet Too short.

Sat. 26th      The Organist                          No Bet Too Short.

Sat. 26th      Top Gamble   2 star @ 6/1     Non-runner Meeting abandoned.

Sun. 27th     Woodland Opera                 1 star @ SP                          9th SP 6/1

Sun. 27th     Tombstone                            2 star @ SP                          2nd SP 3/1

Sun. 27th     De Name Escapes Me       3 star @ SP           Non-runner Meeting abandoned.

Sun. 27th     Sizing Gold             1 star @ 10/1                      Non-runner (loser) (#startracking Ante-Post)

Sun. 27th     Minella Foru          1 star @ 12/1                      1st SP 7/1             (#startracking Ante-Post)           

Sun. 27th     Shotgun Paddy       1 star @ 10/1           Still pending Sat.Jan.9th (#startracking Ante-Post)

Sun. 27th     Capard King             2 star @ SP                          Non-runner Meeting abandoned.

Mon. 28th   Bronco Billy                           No Bet. Too soon.

Mon. 28th   Tippmanboy              No Bet. Too warm/not settled   2nd SP 9/4F

Tues. 29th   Stilletto             2 star @ 11/4                      2nd SP 9/4

Tues. 29th   Vautour                  3 star @ 10/1      Still pending Chelt. Gold Cup (#startracking Ante-Post)

Tues. 29th   Don Poli                 2 star @25/1       Still pending Grand National (#startracking Ante-Post)


From time to time this site will recommend bets on a day to day basis on horses that won’t be in the tracker. These will be put under a separate section of #SimpleSimonSays… and will have their own page and button on the top menu.

So far #SimpleSimonSays… has put up four bets.

Sat. 26th      Abricot de L’Oasis           2 star @ 7/2                        Non-runner Meeting abandoned.

Sat. 26th      Gunner Fifteen             2 star @ 13/2                      10th SP 4/1F

Sat. 26th     Money Maid                      1 star @3/1                     2nd SP 3/1

Sat. 26th      Bacardys                          2 star @ 11/8                      1st SP 11/8F         Running Total –O.25 star





One thought on “#startracking Tuesday December 29th 7pm

  1. philip westoby

    3 winners out of 15 !!!Mr, Simon!!!!As it”s been Christmas I will give you the benefit of the doubt !!!!Keep it up Here”s to Jan 2016 ,15 out of 15 please , Thanks Phil .


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