Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To identify horses that are future winners that you can put in your horse tracker(s)

Each day I will blog that days runners that are already on my Master List and in my tracker and tell you why they are there.

I will analyse the race conditions (ground, distance and grade) and the current form of horse and trainer and recommend either a bet (on a scale of 1-5 stars) or a watching brief.

I will blog the result of the previous days Star Track runners and why I think they should either be kept on or taken off YOUR Tracker.

I will profile extra horses from the previous day that you may also want to add to YOUR Tracker.

On quiet days I will provide some background information on jockeys and trainers that will hopefully assist your punting decision making and expand your knowledge of the sport we love.

My two previous blogs 49SimpleSimonSays.wordpress.com (NH racing) and 57SimpleSimonSays.wordpress.com (Flat racing) have become too cumbersome and time consuming. They will remain on line and I will endeavour to get them up to date so that they can act as a sort of “Nagipedia”.

1st December 2015